Good time

If you’re looking for a good time* call 0456 426 599.

*Please note that my definition of good time may differ from yours. For me, a good time includes each of the following:

  • you using good grammar and not mixing metaphors;
  • me correcting you when you use bad grammar and mix metaphors;
  • no silences, awkward or otherwise;
  • not too much talking or noise;
  • neither of us looking at our phone or watch. The temptation to check our phones or watches should be high, and remain that way;
  • you laugh at my jokes;
  • you detect when what I am saying is a joke, including when I give no verbal or physical cue to suggest I am doing a joke;
  • you don’t laugh at me when I’m not doing a joke;
  • you do a joke and I then deconstruct it and explain how it could have been funnier;
  • we leave at the exact right time;
  • when we are leaving, we walk away in different directions, even if we (you) were going to go the way I was going.

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